The BIKABA logo


A simple logo with a deep metaphor. The BIKABA logo explained.

When designing a logo, our creative team always prepares for the brain-storming sessions by doing extensive research into the root meaning of associated words or subjects relating to the new brand.
With BIKABA, the team had a good look at what “kitchen” and “bathroom” meant at a very basic and elementary level. Quite interesting, two new elements surfaced, representative of the concepts “kitchen” and “bathroom”. They are “fire” for kitchen as this is ultimately where one cooks (and with heat or fire) and then “water” for bathroom as this is where one cleans (and with water).

These two new elements was the starting blocks for what we see today in the BIKABA Identity. It so happens that in a most primitive form, these basic elements are both represented by triangles. Water, a triangle pointing downwards indicating flow and an upwards triangle for fire. These primitive icons date back to the Stone Age.

The creative team took this as inspiration to form the icon as we see it today. A collection for triangles, representing fire and water just like the BIKABA brings together specialists for both kitchens and bathrooms. The African flare in the design represents the South African slant to the awards competition.

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